Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc. ®
Jerry Whitehead, President

PCG, Inc. is the Parent Company to Crossover EXPO, LLC ™

PCG, Inc. specializes in all facets of Pawnshop Operations and remains on the cutting edge of the industry at all times. We provide comprehensive consulting and support services in the Pawn and Alternative Financial Service industries.  Pawnshop Consulting Group is also a recognized industry leader in the areas of Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bro­kerage and Capitalization Services along with providing a wide variety of custom tailored proven Manage­ment and Human Resource Systems with complete Business and Financial Analy­sis.

Our comprehensive services include asset performance and evaluations, information systems technology assistance, web site design and analysis, social media integration, disaster recov­ery, detailed forensic auditing, store level performance measures and systems, human resource performance ­compensation and goal programs, merchandis­ing, inventory acquisition or relinquishment, retailing formats, mystery-shopping, seasonal rotational pro­grams, marketing concepts, market analysis, store set ups, along with New Media, Advertising, Web Design, Social Media and Computer Security issues to name a few.

Our extensive operating history in the industry both nationally and internationally has allowed us to culminate a lengthy list of net­worked industry professionals along with various service providers and vendors who service our industry.

Many of our clients have experienced dramatic improvements in their overall core operating systems, employee productivity and bottom lines in their operations today due to our guidance.

Our proven systems and techniques are formulated from a combined 100 plus years of collected Pawn and Busi­ness experience by the professional consultants within our group. PCG has more than 50 years of proven multi-store, multi-state and international Pawnshop operational systems and models derived from some of the best opera­tors the industry has witnessed within the United States and around the world today!

We custom tailor programs to suit in­dividual business owners’ goals and needs and can integrate these systems to en­hance existing programs.

We offer owners and groups customized knowledge based programs delivered in seminar formats to enhance all levels of your staff and organization.

We currently service hundreds of clients in more than 30 countries around the globe and bring a full International Perspective on our industry with decades of operational and managerial expertise in the United States.

Pawnshop Consulting Group has the ability to react quickly in the case of emergency situations and is able to provide a multitude of services on an as needed basis.

There is no cost for your initial consultation. We work with individuals, single store operations to larger multi-state, multi-national private and public companies regardless of size. We let our clients speak for us and pride ourselves on long-term relationships created through the art of the practice through integrity and skill. See what ALL of our clients have to say about us for yourself, it is an investment into your future opportunities. The Pawnshop Con­sulting Group is looking forward to being able to service your needs!

Steve Moore, BA, JD, Author of “The Truth about the Music Business” is the owner of several music businesses and is the President of ButterMilk Media which is a new media company that specializes in multiple facets of the New Media Markets. New Media, simply put, is using the Internet instead of “Traditional Media Outlets” such as TV, Radio and Newsprint which are not very affordable, almost impossible to track how your ad dollars are affecting your bottom line, and are not by any means the best way to capture how many people are getting their advertising.

ButterMilk Media specializes in Website Design of which there are countless Web Designers out there but do any of them understand Intellectual Property (Steve’s Focus in Law School and his Practice) as well as how to build your Website, tie that into all of your social media and then trains you on how to update your own site as easily as it is to send an e-mail, add a photo or graphic, and a few extra steps so that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is at the highest levels along with your SMO (Social Media Optimization) and with one click – publish – and you’ve updated all of your social media sites – a massive time saver. Further if you’re doing to have a website and social media – the more they are updated the better your SEO, SMO and other areas of making sure you have a “Total Online Presence” ™ or “TOP”.

Your Total Online Presence also includes Audio and Video Production for which Steve has over 30 plus years of experience.  YouTube is the second largest search engine so it’s now more important than ever to create Videos about your business and to tell the story about what you do, how you do it and what you’re customers need to know about your store.  We can visit your stores and shoot online commercials for YouTube, but we prefer to train you on how to create videos such as testimonials, edutainment (how to get a pawn loan) or any other type of content that could even be playing on all of your TV’s in your stores.

Further, each of your videos can have SEO elements on them with YouTube and when you add those to your sites, you get two bites as the SEO apple and that is extremely powerful and should never be underestimated.  Think of it like the Interactive Yellow Pages – the more videos you put up, the more places you can be found and even though a photo is worth a “thousand words” – Video Content is King.

ButterMilk Media is also offering Internet Security Services and not just for you website, but your stores and everything that’s hooked up to the internet. Hacking, Viruses, Ransomware and Malware are so pervasive now that if you were to get hacked and compromise all of your customers private data, and even if you have insurance for that, you may not have nearly enough as BILLIONS of Dollars per year are being stolen along with Customer Information being sold so much so that you could face Millions in Liability or a Class Action that your insurance can’t even begin to cover.   We have years of combined IT, Technical and Internet Experience and work with a variety of companies that can make sure that your store is as secure from the Outside World of Hackers as possible!  If you are not using even the basic security, it is only a matter of time before you could be put completely out of business as there are fines to be paid, attorneys to be hired, and countless other liabilities all because you haven’t followed the laws and made sure that