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Crossover EXPO, LLC.

Jerry Whitehead

PCG, LLC. is the Parent Company to Crossover EXPO, LLC ™

PCG, LLC. specializes in all facets of Pawnshop Operations and remains on the cutting edge of the industry at all times. We provide comprehensive consulting and support services in the Pawn and Alternative Financial Service industries.  Pawnshop Consulting Group is also a recognized industry leader in the areas of Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bro­kerage and Capitalization Services along with providing a wide variety of custom-tailored proven Manage­ment and Human Resource Systems with complete Business and Financial Analy­sis.

The Crossover EXPO is produced in conjunction again this year with the Florida Pawnbroker Association to assist the association and the industry by providing more educational trade show options for our folks.

From PCG’s perspective, we have been producing a variety of events in multiple countries and states for decades now and see the educational trade shows as the next level of enhancement for our beloved industry.

Our events are open to the public and anyone with ID and paid membership can attend our events. We feel that by opening up our educational series and events to our attendees, we can provide knowledge, access, products, and services to those within the industry currently, or those looking to make an intro into the business.

We are Crossing Over a wider range of industries for all to share, network, and learn from.


Our events also cater to a wider range of other industries which do include the Alternative Finance Services Industries which include the check cashing, payday, and title lending industries to name a few.

We design our shows to accommodate even the single attendee by running our educational pieces concurrently and before trade show hours. This allows anyone to attend any, or all the educational pieces as well as the trade show. This format also allows more intimate up-close time with the vendors as well.

This activity coupled with our cocktail socials and all meals served in the EXPO hall is by far the most conducive for attendees and vendors.

We encourage ALL attendees to bring their diamond goods, estate jewelry, high-end watches, and their brains for a total immersion into one of the most open environments experienced anywhere today. Many of our clients and attendees claimed they received record amounts for their goods from the many vendors we have assembled.

Come help make our 2018 event as successful as ever, your support and input are needed and encouraged to help support our efforts, and our Industry!

Jerry Whitehead

Crossover EXPO 2018