2018 Crossover EXPO Annual Conference & Trade Show


Attendance to the Crossover EXPO Conference & Trade Show is open to the general public and anyone wishing to attend our shows. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, show valid identification when redeeming credentials and pay or pre-register for the event itself.

Since our events are open to the public, they can be from people either in the trades or desiring to be in the trades as we are introducing them at the event. Other vendor types or providers of products and services who may wish to attend our shows as an attendee are welcome however they may NOT solicit any other attendees, vendors or others at the event. Violation of this agreement constitutes voiding the credentials and removing the responsible parties from the event permanently and forfeiting all registration fees and other.

In as much as our events are family friendly, please no children under the ages of 13 on the trade show floors and no one under 21 would be permitted to attend the cocktail receptions as currently scheduled.

Name badges must be worn at all times for entrance to any and all of the functions at the event. Participant credentials that are lost or stolen must be reported to the PCG representatives and or security personnel on the floor and at the booth immediately.

Anyone who meets our basic requirements may register for the event now and up to the event itself. We will be selling admissions at the show on a first come basis.


PCG and EXPO officials may take photographs or film the trade show and other areas of the trade show and all related activities and participants of the show itself. By participating in the Crossover EXPO Conference & Trade Show, you authorize PCG, without limitation, the right to reproduce, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute any such film or photographed material in any way we see fit, and waive all rights or claims you may have against PCG and/or any of its Affiliates, Subsidiaries, or Assignees.

Photographs or video may be produced by the vendors but must only be taken and or used in their assigned spaces only and to not include any other vendors or trade show related materials other than the assigned vendor.


PCG is producing and providing an open attendance type format for our program. As such anyone is invited who meets our basic requirements and must adhere to the following policies as it relates to suit casing. No attendee whom is not a registered vendor with a booth at the event itself may solicit any attendee, vendor, or other in the aisles, public spaces, hotel rooms, in other company’s booths, or in violation of any portion of our Exhibitors Policy program. If any violations are detected, responsible parties will be ejected from the event immediately and will forfeit all fees and other as a result of violating this policy.

PCG remains hopeful that everyone respects these policies for a safe and profitable show for everyone. If anyone notices or sees any such violations please report to show management immediately. No hospitality suites have been scheduled for this event.

Early Bird Registration

PCG is offering an early bird registration fee of $195 per attendee if registered before June 1st 2018. After that date, fees return to the $295 per attendee and will remain in affect up until show dates.

Cancellation Policy

Written requests must be submitted to PCG prior to July 1st 2018 to be eligible for a refund. There will be a $40 administrative fee for any cancellations. Refunds will not be possible for no-shows at the event for whatever reasons there may be unfortunately.

Applicant must agree to the Crossover EXPO Conference & Trade Show Policies to Register!