Jerry Whitehead

Since the late 80’s, Mr. Whitehead has been working a large network of people and service providers through various state and national pawn associations and working professional relationships. This extensive network base has allowed for the development of the consulting group.

The group began its early formation in the late 90’s and formerly culminated in 2000. The group includes a number of highly recognized industry and financial professionals. Some of these include financial, operational, information systems specialists and others providing a wide array of systems and services. Over these years the group has been providing a wide range of consulting services and needs to a number of institutional types & investment bankers along with single and multi-store operators both private and public nationally and internationally in many different markets and countries on multiple levels.

To date the group and Mr. Whitehead have been responsible for the acquisition or sale of more than 250 + Pawnshops in the past 30 years and currently has assisted hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries and all across the United States.

This year for the Crossover EXPO – Jerry will be doing two very special high level pieces just for this event. One of these will be the highly refined “Key Performance Indicators” followed by the “Concierge level Service” piece as well. Both of these will be one of kind presentations for the EXPO attendees ONLY, you will want to see these presentations!!

Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc
Crossover Expo LLC

Steve Moore, B.A., J.D., Author

Steve Moore - ButterMilk Media

Steve Moore, B.A., J.D.,
Author “The Truth about the Music Business”

Steve began his career in the music business as a teenager and continued to play professionally through high schoo, college and law school.  He grew many skills by recording a lot of music, producing videos and producing/promoting music shows and running side businesses such as working sound, renting PA, and a 24 hour delivery service for music equipment.  He got heavinly into computers when they first came out and has learned to use them for Audio/Video Production, Website Development, Social Media and is a “New Media” specialist.  New Media is anything that is computer and internet related and not TV, Radio or Newsprint. It’s way less expensive and you can track every single metric you wish.   One of Steve’s companies “Online Multi-Media” brokered the first music download by Aerosmith on the internet before the world wibe web even existed.  They hosted chats with the likes Lou Reed and Thomas Dolby.  Steve worked in the music business both nationally and even more internationally representing countless major recording artists, producers, engineers, etc.

He saw the decline in the Music Business – and met Jerry Whitehead in Nashville and everything clicked as Jerry had worked sound for a lot of my friends, or he knew a lot of the same people – so we formed a Joint Venture between ButterMilk Media and Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc. ®

Jerry and Steve set out to change the way the pawn industry l0oked and used the internet. Steve has developed recipes for success with SEO (Search Engine Opimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and offer Training on almost anything that you need to run the Internet Based side of your operations.
We are also the only company that works with Jerry – the pawn guru – and works in all of the principles that Jerry teaches such a increasing turns and moving aging inventory and just so much more.  We also train on how to shoot video for content, training, and other purposes that make your business much more profitable and way more efficient – why continue to answer the same questions or try to teach the same materials over and over when you can have a simple video on every facet of your business to teach new hires and to also sharpen the public commnications and related skills employees must have – what better way to show how well someone is doing their job with your customers is to record them!  It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s an incredible learning tool.

Steve will be talking about his secrets for Internet Advertising and Marketing via what he’s created with a “Total Online Presence” ™. He will also address our newest offerings of  WEB and Office Cyber Security.


Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author

Victor Guzman, B.A., M.B.A

Victor Guzman, B.A., M.B.A.

Victor Guzman, B.A., M.B.A
President/CEO and Co-Founder
Presto ecom Systems, Inc. ™


Victor Guzman has been in the software industry for 28 years specializing in automating business operations with specific focus on point-of-sale and inventory management. Victor has also worked within the Buy Sell and Pawn industry at an international level. Prior to co-founding Presto, Victor served as General Manager for CVNet in Barranquilla Colombia, where he was charged with analyzing the commercial viability of a Buy Sell software system designed by a large multi-store operator. Victor was also co-founder of Figmore Technologies, Previous to that Victor functioned as the Data Age as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Before that Victor functioned as Co-founder and COO of the Odyssey Hotels Group, where he was responsible for operations and acquisitions of hotels. He also served as Vice President Marketing & Business Development of DynegyConnect (a software division of Dynegy Communications) a $29 billion energy provider. As Vice President Worldwide Sales for Mantiss Information Corporation, Victor was responsible for establishing the company as one of the fastest growing software ISVs in the United States. While with First Logic, Victor held the distinction of functioning as Regional Vice President and for eleven consecutive years outperformed all other regions.

Victor heads up the development of software, marketing, and managment for Presto and he’ll be speaking on the latest trends with Software and related offerings that are essential to run a profitable pawnshop or shops.

Victor Guzman, B.A., M.B.A.

Tony Gallo

Tony Gallo
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group, Inc.

Tony Gallo is the Senior Director for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group specializing in security for high-risk businesses. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Security, Audit, Safety, and Emergency Management fields.  Tony has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University and is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security, National Pawnbroker Association and the National Cannabis Industry Association. Tony is a licensed security consultant and a published author on retail, financial loan services and cannabis security. He has spoken at numerous business conferences across the United States and is considered one of the leading authorities in cannabis and financial loan service security, armed robbery and burglary loss prevention.

Tony will be speaking on a wide array of topics that are crucial to your Pawn Shop or other businesses.

Roberto Doehring

Crossover Expo and EyesOn

Roberto Doehring

Eye’s On ™

Roberto holds a degree in International Business from Florida International University and a degree in Electronics from Fundacion Tehnologico de Osasco, Brazil. He has 30 years of experience in Technology applied to business management and security, as if fluent in English, Spanish, and Portugese. He has been involved with hundreds of pawnbrokers, jewelers, retailers and hospitality firms throughout the America.  He provides expert advice to companies of all sizes in using security technology to create a culture of safety and performance improvement.

Roberto will be speaking on the latest trends in security, surveillance and how to manage your business with the latest technologies.

Jack Brown – Mid-States Recycling

      Jack Brown

Jack Brown is co-owner and Operations Manager for Mid-States Recycling, Inc., located in Des Plaines, Illinois.  Mid-States, a family owned business began operations in 1981 under the direction of Jack’s father Ellis Brown, former President of the Simmons Refining Company of Chicago.

Jack, having a background and firm understanding in technical sales joined Mid-States shortly thereafter in 1982.  Over the course of the next 35 years Jacks’ responsibilities have grown to include all Plant, Laboratory, Gemstone Recovery, Refining, Purchasing and Marketing functions of the company.  Mid-States Recycling & Refining is known Nationally as a leader in Precious Metal Refining for the Jewelry and Pawnbroker industries and professions.

Jack will be doing an in depth piece on the behind the scenes work scene in the Laboratory on all of the steps taken to process precious metals and diamonds. He will provide you with an in depth look at what to look for and look out for when it comes to handing your precious assets and a whole lot more.


Jack Brown
Mid-States Recycling

Josh Davis

Josh is the President of the Florida Pawnbrokers Association and the owner of G&C Pawn in Southern Florida.

Josh will be providing an up to date piece on the status of the association and the industry in general in Florida at this years Crossover EXPO – ALL Florida Pawnbrokers should help support Josh and the FPA, current membership in Florida needs a lot of help, and the industry is only as strong as it’s supporters.

Come meet Josh, come help support your industry, we need your help!



Steve Mack – Bravo

Steve Mack, Founder, Bravo Pawn Systems

How will your store improve profits and survive in this New World of Online Shopping?   Learn how to provide a new interactive and mobile experience to your Customers and grow your revenues!

With Pawnbrokers reporting decreasing retail sales as online competition grows, how will your store grow revenue and survive?  Today’s customers demand convenience in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile.  Join Steve Mack to learn more about a new interactive and powerful mobile app that provides the convenience and customer service that customers demand.  The #1 reason pawn customers default on their loan is because they forget. They pawned because they wanted it back. Everyone wins when the customer pays.  Make it easier and more convenient on mobile!

About Steve Mack:

Steve Mack, a fourth-generation pawnbroker expanded SuperPawn from a single-store pawnshop into the largest privately-owned pawn chain in the United States with 50 stores.  Mack attributes SuperPawn’s success to its proprietary software system. More than 100 million items have been evaluated using this system, setting the industry standard for valuing pre-owned merchandise.

Using a hybrid of the initial pawn software, Mack founded Bravo Pawn Systems, a point-of-sale software platform, in 2010.  “I’m a pawnbroker turned software developer because my team has always thought outside the scope of our traditional revenue stream,” said Mack. “Now, we’re offering our proven business solutions to other companies looking to increase their profitability.”


Michael Kaplan – Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Zero Fee Credit Card Services & Customer Loyalty Program

This year the Crossover EXPO is proud to introduce another one of our vendor sponsors, Mr. Michael Kaplan with SecuraBull.

Michael will be introducing two pieces at this years event during his presentation on Saturday the 23d. One of his pieces will be on the Zero Fee Merchant Services that are NOW available to the Pawn Industry. This platform allows Pawnbrokers to accept cash for their products and services, and to offer the convenience of taking credit card payments for zero fees to the Merchant.

This is an exciting product that in some cases is adding tens of thousands of dollars to clients bottom lines by avoiding all the fees associated with credit card processing. The product he will be illustrating is only a small monthly charge for platform access, plus basic equipment rental for those without.

Michael will also be introducing a loyalty program that is a digital application and allows the merchant to easily upload store credits, and monitor customer behavior through an easy to use application. This application allows the merchant to mine specific data for the users and is another way to build in customer loyalty into your business.

Both of these presentations are do NOT MISS opportunities to add cash saving products into your business, as well as building customer loyalty into your brand.

Ron Samuels – RentzME

Ron is the developer of RENTZME.COM a new platform that has been developed for the Pawn Industry. This is an exciting platform utilizing mobile app technology that allows anyone to rent anything Pawn Brokers may be interested in renting out of the store. All one easy to use application that covers every aspect of the rental process.

Ronald G. Samuels
4369 Central Drive, Stone Mountain GA 30083
Phone: 404.971.0723 Email:

Has over 30 years of Business and Technology Development experience. I’m a highly motivated self starter who enjoys the challenge of developing a business. My experience spans from mom & pop operations to acquiring a Stock Exchange License from Foreign Government. This wide range of business relations has given me insight to what the small business needs to what Government Department Heads require to move through a bureaucracy.


Rentz Me, LLC, Atlanta GA, Founder – November 2016 – Present

Rentz ME, LLC is web portal that allows rental agents and individual renters to transact rentals. The site is scheduled to be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2017. I’m responsible for the concept and functionality or the portal. Offshore coders have done the majority of the coding work. The Proof Of Concept portal can be seen at and the commercials For Rental Agents: and For Consumers:

Aeon Communication, Mumbai India, Director September 2015 – Present
Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd. offers a comprehensive platform to provide Value-Added-Services over existing and upcoming communication networks.

My Complete Case, Atlanta GA, Partner May 2005 – 2015
My Complete Case is a document preparation company that prepares Bankruptcy, Divorce, Name Changes, Trusts, Wills and other common legal documents. The vast majority of the services are sold via a network or re-sellers who interface with customers and fax a questionnaire into our offices for the preparation of the legal documents.

Third Market, Inc, Pompano Beach FL, Partner Feb 1998 – June 2003
Third Market was a group of consultants organized to obtain a Stock Exchange License from the Government of St. Martens (Netherlands Antilles) for a small group of U.S. Investors. In December of 2002 the Government approved the License for the Investment Group. My focus was to write the section of the business plan concerning the technology that would be used to trade stocks on the exchange, and then help design the beta of the technology that was presented to the government. A beta called BD-Trader was developed and it along with the License was presented to the Investment group in January or 2003.

Will Watson – Infintech Merchant Processing for the Pawn Industry

Will Watson Bio

Will Watson has been in the payments industry for the last 8 years. During this time, he has gained extensive knowledge on how the world of credit card processing really works. While at Infintech, Will has helped bring many partnerships on board, such as the California Veterinary Medical Association, Pawnshop Consulting Group, and many chambers of commerce across Texas.

Will has hundreds of clients ranging in all business types, but his primary focus is veterinary medicine, pawnbrokers, and B2B. Will attends several tradeshows on an annual basis and also speaks to associations and chamber groups about how to understand credit card processing. Will believes that every business owner should understand their credit card processing fees since it is an essential part of their bottom line.

In his free time, Will likes to spend time with his family & 15 animals, workout at the gym, and watch any of the Houston sports teams. He cheers for Texas A&M especially for that is where he met his wife Rachel. Will and Rachel have an 18-month-old daughter, Raelyne.

Understanding Credit Card Processing Fees

Tired of getting that credit card processing statement every month and not knowing what all those numbers really mean? Do you actually look at your statement? Credit card processing fees is a major part of your bottom line.  In most industries, it is the main form of payment. Learn the true facts about credit card processing fees. Also, learn what interchange fees are and how you can change them, dues & assessments, hidden fees, and what is your processing fee markup.


Alejandro Pinzon – Chronofy

Alejandro Pinzon

Short bio on history with Chronofy

Alejandro joined Accar Ltd / Chronofy April 2017. I have known Joe Akar for 5 years, I saw the beginning of Chronofy ~3 years ago and have used the service since then. I was taught Chronofy by Joe Akar, the founder himself.
Brief Description on my Presentation
– Explaining our Chronofy service and how it can help you generate more profit.
One expert per brand, experts that have written books on their specialty. These experts have given us the price ranges featured in our app. It shows the range of their committed offer.
Support Request, the mobile app ability to submit pictures and information with an expected 5-30 minute response time, on a committed offer range.
Theft Check, our mobile apps ability to check federal databases for reported wristwatches. Then provide a print out with serial number that proves it has been successfully checked.
Review of the Industry, general review on how wristwatches hit the market in new and pre owned markets. Basics on how we derive the information from current market conditions to get an accurate analysis.