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Jerry Whitehead

Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.

Since the MID 80’s, Mr. Whitehead has been working a large network of people and service providers through various state and national pawn associations and working professional relationships. This extensive network base has allowed for the development of the Pawnshop Consulting Group.

The group began its early formation in the late 90’s and formerly culminated in 2000. The group includes a number of highly recognized industry and financial professionals. Some of these include financial, operational, information systems specialists and others providing a wide array of systems and services. Over these years the group has been providing an extensive range of consulting services and needs to a number of institutional types along with single and multi-store operators both private and public nationally and internationally in many different markets and countries.

To date, the group and Mr. Whitehead have been responsible for the acquisition or sale of more than 250 + Pawnshops in the past 35 years and currently, we have assisted hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries and all across the United States.

This year for the Crossover EXPO – Jerry will be doing two very special high level pieces just for this event. One of these will be the highly refined “Status on the Industry Today from a Global perspective” followed by the “Concierge level Service” piece as well. Both of these will be one of kind presentations for the EXPO attendees ONLY, you will want to see these presentations!!

Steve Mack

Founder, Bravo Pawn Systems

How will your store improve profits and survive in this New World of Online Shopping? Learn how to provide a new interactive and mobile experience to your Customers and grow your revenues!

With Pawnbrokers reporting decreasing retail sales as online competition grows, how will your store grow revenue and survive? Today’s customers demand convenience in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile. Join Steve Mack to learn more about a new interactive and powerful mobile app that provides the convenience and customer service that customers demand. The #1 reason pawn customers default on their loan is that they forget. They pawned because they wanted it back. Everyone wins when the customer pays. Make it easier and more convenient on mobile!

Steve Mack, a fourth-generation pawnbroker expanded SuperPawn from a single-store pawnshop into the largest privately-owned pawn chain in the United States with 50 stores. Mack attributes SuperPawn’s success to its proprietary software system. More than 100 million items have been evaluated using this system, setting the industry standard for valuing pre-owned merchandise.

Using a hybrid of the initial pawn software, Mack founded Bravo Pawn Systems, a point-of-sale software platform, in 2010. “I’m a pawnbroker turned software developer because my team has always thought outside the scope of our traditional revenue stream,” said Mack. “Now, we’re offering our proven business solutions to other companies looking to increase their profitability.”



David Johns - Presents "Psychology in the Work Place"

David Johns – Presents at Crossover EXPO 2018

Another Do Not Miss Piece “Psychology in the Work Place” at Crossover EXPO 2018

Come here it for one of the most seasoned Human Resource Experts in the world today, with a large emphasis in the Pawn World!

David Johns’ Bio

David has been active in the retail and pawn industries since 1964 and has served as an officer of three successful pawn chains (Value Pawn, La Familia Pawn and SMART Financial) during that time.  The first twenty five years of his career were spent as a Director of Human Resources for Sears working in several Southeastern Divisions and Sears Headquarters in Chicago. He was a founding partner of Initiative Consulting LLC, a Winter Park, Florida based firm that specialized in performance engineering for a wide range of businesses and industries.  The firm was sold to SMART Financial Enterprises, LLC and currently serves clients throughout the US and Canada with a focus on selecting talent for all levels of store operations. The current client base includes pawn shops, fine jewelry stores, furniture stores and a wide range of specialty finance operators.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) for many years and served on legislative committees with that organization throughout his multiple year tenure as a Board member.   David has been a guest speaker at NPA conventions as well as several regional pawnbroker association conventions.  Additionally, he has been a guest speaker at numerous law enforcement events in Florida regarding cooperation between law enforcement and pawnbrokers.  He holds multiple degrees including a BS in Banking & Finance from Mississippi State University.

In the past, David has authored a plethora of articles and training modules about human resources and talent selection for Sears, Cash America International, Value Pawn, La Familia Pawn and SMART Financial as well as a national NPA monthly publication.  Much of that information has been incorporated in a book by John Thedford titled Smart Moves Management

David has worked with a number of State Pawn Associations to revise and improve pawn statutes for the benefit of customers, law enforcement and pawn operators.  His most notable accomplish in this regard has been work completed in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  David and his team assisted the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions with a complete revision of the applicable statues(s) governing pawn stores in the Commonwealth.

 David lives in Winter Park, Florida where he is active in a number of eleemosynary organizations throughout Florida and the US.  He is politically active and maintains a working relationship with both sides of the aisle when he visits Members of Congress several times each year.  He has three children and eight grandchildren.

Michael Kaplan

Zero Fee Credit Card Services & Customer Loyalty Program

This year the Crossover EXPO is proud to introduce another one of our vendor sponsors, Mr. Michael Kaplan with A1 Merchant Services. Michael will be introducing two pieces at this year’s event during his presentation. One of his pieces will be on the Zero Fee Merchant Services that are NOW available to the Pawn Industry. This platform allows Pawnbrokers to accept cash for their products and services, and to offer the convenience of taking credit card payments for zero fees to the Merchant.

This is an exciting product that in some cases is adding tens of thousands of dollars to clients bottom lines by avoiding all the fees associated with credit card processing. The product he will be illustrating is only a small monthly charge for platform access, plus basic equipment rental for those without.

Michael will also be introducing an in-store finance program that allows the merchant to easily offer in-house credit financing for purchases.  This application allows the merchant to build in larger in-store sales and is another way to build in customer loyalty into your business.

Both of these presentations are DO NOT MISS opportunities to add cash saving products and additional revenues into your business, as well as building customer loyalty into your brand.

Josh Davis

Josh is the President of the Florida Pawnbrokers Association and the owner of G&C Pawn in Southern Florida.

Josh will be providing an up to date piece on the status of the association and the industry in general in Florida at this years Crossover EXPO. ALL Florida Pawnbrokers should help support Josh and the FPA.  Current membership in Florida needs a lot of help and the industry is only as strong as its supporters.

Come meet Josh & support your industry. We need your help!

Jack Brown

Mid-States Recycling, Inc.

Jack Brown is co-owner and Operations Manager for Mid-States Recycling, Inc., located in Des Plaines, Illinois. Mid-States, a family owned business began operations in 1981 under the direction of Jack’s father Ellis Brown, former President of the Simmons Refining Company of Chicago.

Jack, having a background and firm understanding in technical sales joined Mid-States shortly thereafter in 1982. Over the course of the next 35 years Jacks’ responsibilities have grown to include all Plant, Laboratory, Gemstone Recovery, Refining, Purchasing and Marketing functions of the company. Mid-States Recycling & Refining is known Nationally as a leader in Precious Metal Refining for the Jewelry and Pawnbroker industries and professions.

Jack will be doing an in depth piece on the behind the scenes work scene in the Laboratory on all of the steps taken to process precious metals and diamonds. He will provide you with an in depth look at what to look for and look out for when it comes to handing your precious assets and a whole lot more.

Brad Huisken

IAS Training

Brad Huisken’s Bio :

For more than Twenty-two years he has been doing sales and management seminars all over North America, India, the UK and Australia. His company IAS Training, which he started in 1996, delivers public and private seminars and in-house consulting on both sales and sales management. In addition his company sells books, audiotapes, CD’s, videotapes and DVD’s on these subjects. Brad uses practical methods, realistic strategies and usable techniques to help increase sales through providing exceptional customer service. His seminars are fun, motivational and educational.

In the jewelry and pawn industries Brad has written articles for numerous trade magazines and spoken for all of the major trade shows and associations.

Brad’s piece for the EXPO this year is another “Do Not Miss” opportunity to hear it from one of the most seasoned presenter and business development individuals out there.

Turn Your Merchandise into Cash and your Cash Into PSC

Brad Huisken will lead participants through a fun and motivational seminar on Selling Strategies to Maximize Sales.  In today’s pawn environment a pawn broker has to quickly turn merchandise into cash so that he/she can get the cash on the street in the form of a loan. Pawnbrokers must become better retailers and well as pawnbrokers. Mr. Huisken believes that when people come into a pawn shop for the first time, they are not necessarily looking for money or merchandise.  Mr. Huisken believes the customer is looking for a place and a person from whom to get the money and merchandise.  With the competition increasing pawnbrokers today have to learn how to sell themselves and the store.  In addition, Mr. Huisken will detail topics such as, how salespeople can help “brand” the store, telephone/email campaigns, three responsibilities of a salesperson, handling objections, selling yourself & the store, customer follow-up, analyzing lost sales and much more.

Deanna Thompson - Entrupy "Handbag Authentication" Services

Deanna Thompson is a nationally recognized speaker on buying, selling and authenticating luxury goods and currently is the Customer Success & Evangelist at Entrupy. Deanna has owned two luxury resale companies and has a unique perspective on the resale industry around trust and authentication. Along with her passion for luxury, she also writes the only blog dedicated to the designer resale industry, Closet Full Of Cash.
Entrupy is the worlds first and only technology based authentication solution for luxury handbags. Simple to implement, easy to use, the authentication process takes 4-6 minutes and receive a response within 60 seconds to 60 minutes. All certificates produced are backed with a financial guarantee!

Cal Gem Labs - Moris Adato

Company Name: Cal Gem Labs



Appraisal/ID Cards -Full Appraisals -Loose Diamond Certification Cards -Full Diamond Certification w/ Plot -Rolex Authentication Cards -Luxury Authentication Cards -Repairs -Refurbishing -Rhodium Plating — Jewelry Cleaning -e-Commerce Photography – 360˚ Marketing Video – Full insurance appraisals – Gem Lot Sorting -Gem Ident

ID Card Includes: • Stone Identification • Color, Clarity, Cut Grade for Diamonds • Color Photo • Retail Replacement Value • Carat Weight (as setting permits)

Top Features:

  1. Appraisals by a team of GIA Graduate Gemologists
  2. Fast Turnaround
  3. Cost-Effective
  4. A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Appraisal Needs
  5. Tools that help you sell: ID Cards, web-ready photos and 360˚ Marketing Video ready to use online
  6. Services start at $3!


Why Choose Cal Gem Labs?

When you are looking to appraise the jewelry that comes into your pawn shop, you need a fast, reliable and efficient service. You need a transparent certification process, that will build trust among your customers, and empower you during negotiations.

Moris Adato, a GIA Graduate Gemologist and third-generation pawnbroker, knew this. He was acutely aware of the gains a well-appraised gem could bring to his day-by-day sales, and of the value of a trusted certification when negotiating with jewelry and diamond buyers.

Cal Gem Labs brings fast, affordable authentication and certification services to the pawn and jewelry industry. Based in San Diego, our proximity to the GIA school and headquarters has enabled us to attract some of the most talented GIA graduates to our team in America (the weather doesn’t hurt, either!)

Some of the benefits of working with Cal Gem Labs:

  • GIA standards in authentication and certification
  • Experienced GIA graduate gemologists at your service
  • State-of-the-art grading lab equipped with a Sarine System and Smart Pro synthetic diamond tester
  • Fast turnaround. Get 10% of your entire order if it is not returned within 14 business days
  • Affordable certifications

Have you ever?

  • Realized you left money on the table after a sale, because you didn’t know the actual value of your jewelry, diamonds, and precious stones?
  • Been taken advantage of by unscrupulous jewelry buyers who know what they are looking at… when you don’t?
  • Wanted to arm your sales-associates with tools that help them improve their margins?
  • Wanted to prove the value of your goods for your customers through an impartial third party?
  • Needed a sales add-on to motivate customers to buy from you?
  • Found that your staff hasn’t been pricing the merchandise correctly?
  • Considered hiring an in-house gemologist, but don’t want to incur in the cost of another employee?

These are all common occurrences for pawnbrokers across America. Cal Gem Labs was created to helping members of the pawn industry fight these hurdles.

From appraising that baggie of loose stones that’s been gathering dust in your drawer, to authenticating the promising-looking diamond that came into your pawn shop, we’ll help you find money.

Pawn shops which have used our services have reported an increase of profit margins of 15-20% when a certificate of Cal Gem Labs is involved.

With every appraisal, you will receive an elegant PVC card containing the items’ specs and a picture, as recorded by our team of GIA gemologists. This card makes a fantastic selling tool and legitimates your merchandise.

Here are the ways an appraisal by Cal Gem Labs can help you:

  • Help you make more money by knowing what you have and what it’s worth
  • Take out the guesswork when pricing and negotiating
  • Get the peace of mind with an appraisal performed by GIA gemologists
  • Empower your salespeople with knowledge of your merchandise’s real value
  • Benefit from an affordable and fast appraisal service at your convenience
  • Increase your customer’s confidence by offering them a full appraisal that can be used for insurance purposes

Moris Adato

Graduate Gemologist

Head Gemologist at Cal Gem Labs

Moris was born in Turkey, a country that is known for its diamond trade, and moved to the US as a child. He is a third-generation pawnbroker, who started working at his dad’s chain of San Diego pawn shops as a teenager. Being surrounded by diamonds, gold jewelry and gemstones made him deeply curious about their nature, so he decided to pursue a career in gemology. He later graduated from the GIA school, and in 2002 established his own pawnshops in San Diego. Seeing the need for a fast, reliable and affordable authentication, appraisal and certification service for pawnshops, he attracted top GIA graduate gemologists to his team and created Cal Gem Labs.

“In my store and personal dealings, I have seen a consistent increase of 15-20% in margins when the items have been previously appraised by Cal Gem Labs. An appraisal ID card builds the trust of my customers and protects me from rapacious jewelry buyers. Customers love to receive the card along with their jewelry purchases, as they know it backs up the value of their items. And it has helped my sales associates leverage better negotiations.”

Moris Adato, GG.






Contact Name: Moris Adato